‘Our goal is to keep students safe in any situation’.


All the school buses carry only the permitted number of students, in accordance with the capacity of the bus. A guard and a maid escort the students to ensure safety and cleanliness. All the buses have a first aid kit to attend to any medical needs. All the buses are CCTV enabled and are fitted with GPS device which helps the school keep track of the routes and communicate with the bus at all times. The buses are also equipped with Fire Extinguishers.


Fire extinguishers are installed at various places in the school building. The school conducts Fire Drills at regular intervals to acquaint students and staff with fire safety procedures.

To ensure security and safe learning environment, the school provides effective security systems which act as great deterrent factors, resulting in much better group control and a higher quality learning environment.


Practicing safety rules in playground is imperative for the well being of the children. No hitting, play fighting or pushing is allowed, and using appropriate language is essential. Since playground is a place to learn positive things, students are encouraged to play fair and exhibit sportsman spirit and teamwork.

Anees School
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