Student Participation

Each class conducts the morning assembly turn-wise. These class assemblies give each students an opportunity to participate. This develops their oratory skills and confidence. .

The cultural shows put up for the Sports Day see hundred percent participation. The annual Art Exhibition, Science Exhibition, Computer Week, Holiday Homework Display give every student a platform to exhibit his or her work.

Literary activities

Anee’s  is committed to develop and hone the literary skills of the students from the very early years to their pre-university years. Apart from engaging in literary activities within the classroom, there are numerous post school activities which students can engage in based upon their interest

Sports and wellness

At Anee’s, we believe that a healthy mind resides in a healthy body. Hence, there is a continued focus on age appropriate sports, physical exercise and health enhancing lifestyles. The students undergo a structured physical education curriculum that not only hones their skill in a sport but also helps them pick up lifetime skills such as attentiveness, respect, authenticity, excellence, working on a team, conflict resolution, sharing, handling success and failure, decision making, appreciation, and the like..

Swimming: We at Anee’s believe that swimming is an essential life skill which every child must know. We have Swimming coaches to teach our students with international standards and guidelines.

Individual Sports: BasketBall, Cricket and Tennis are offered as optional individual sports. Students can choose to specialise in any of these under our trained and experienced coaches.

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