School Vision

Anee’s is a group of diverse and inclusive school, committed to academic excellence and integrity. We provide instruction in a caring, safe and healthy learning environment, responsive to each student, in collaboration with families and the community.

Mission Statement

” To prepare our students for higher education and for life and to provide an atmosphere in which all the members of our diverse, engaged and purposeful small school community appreciate and strive for excellence, to create an environment that nurtures character and fosters the development of mind, body and spirit. “


Our Values

Where every child grows without any fear or favours.
Where every child is loved and cared for.
Where choices and decisions are guided by right values.
Where teachers are more like knowledge transmitters, models, guides and friends rather than instructors or trainers.
Where expectations of parents are respected and their suggestions are received with open mind.

Let’s Take a Small Tour From Our Campus

Anees School
Admissions Open for 2023-24
Creche and Daycare (7:00 Am - 7:00 Pm)