Anee’s School teachers believe that they are guides and facilitators, who try to instill in their students a sense of wonder, curiosity, and the desire to learn. The teachers are thoroughly trained in different methods of teaching. They imbibe the values of honesty, integrity and discipline, and try to be the change that they advocate. Our teachers are experienced in various fields. They bring their experience to the classroom to give the students an ambience of the contemporary world, counsel them about the careers they would like to pursue, and equip them for the challenges of the time. Our teachers are able to inspire hope, ignite imagination and kindle a passion for learning.

Anee’s family has committed and qualified teachers and supporting staff whose passion for excellence is apparent in their domains. Their vast experience combined with the constant training offered to them at the school, result in lessons being taught differently, children being encouraged to come up with creative responses, and showing that learning is fun and interactive. Outside the classroom our teachers act as guides and counsellors to our students, often helping them deal with “growing up” issues, further strengthening the bond between our students and the faculty. And this special relationship translates into the school becoming a happy centre of learning.

Anees School
Admissions Open for 2023-24
Creche and Daycare (7:00 Am - 7:00 Pm)