Keeping cash/valuable, jewellery, mobile phones or any other electrical item is strictly prohibited. In case a child is caught keeping any prohibited article it shall be confiscated and given for charity
The school takes the responsibility to inform the parents/guardians about the ward’s academics, health, behaviour and conduct at regular intervals.
The school authorities are at full discretion to suspend/terminate the child from the school on disciplinary or academic grounds.
Parents are requested not to oblige any staff member, teaching or non teaching by giving gifts in cash or kind.
Punctuality of the child in reporting to school in time.
Request for additional help for any subject must be given in writing to the principal of the school.
The school has a well equipped library and no books except books on general awareness and course books are permitted..
No child shall be permitted to meet visitors during school hours/working days unless prior permission of the principal has been taken.
Anees School
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